What is Smart Home & Automation

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Smart Home Control

The use of a processor or computer to control and add intelligence to home systems.

Home Automation

The linking of these various systems to create an automation environment, often called a smart home.


A “Goodnight” setting which turns off the lights, activate the security system, and lowers the temperature.

What Do Smart Home Systems Offer?

Convenience: Set conditions so the home automatically responds to specific times and events. No late night home “patrol” from room to room. One remote, not six.

Comfort: Simple thermostat scheduling keeps the house at the right temperature throughout the day. Use motion sensors to trigger lights at night so you’re never fumbling for switches or tumbling over toys. Peace mind in knowing that you can check on things from anywhere.

Enjoyment: Create the perfect atmosphere to match any mood. Stream different playlists inside and out or personalise the music in every bedroom. By spending less time doing things, more time can be spent relaxing.

Remote Access: Keep an eye on things from anywhere. Receive notifications if something is amiss. Adjust thermostat or activate services before you get home. Open the door for trusted housekeeper or contractor.

Customised Luxury: Control systems can be designed for even the most distinctive spaces, with controls for outdoor heaters, gas fireplaces, sprinklers, hot tubs, wine cellars, and more.

Why Smart Home Systems Are in Demand?
  • More affordable than ever
  • Everyone has a smartphone
Benefits To The Consumer

Security: Check security cameras around the house at any moment. Get a text, email, or push notification if anything is amiss. Create automatic system reactions to specific events. Lock doors automatically from anywhere. Come home safely to a well-lit environment.

Energy Efficiency & Environmental Control: Regulate operation of appliances. Multiple ways to improve energy management and generate savings. Schedule systems to help you accrue demand-response incentives.

Lighting Control: Improve security at home and while you’re away. Add convenience to everyday life. Save energy and extend the life of your bulbs. Create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.

Audio: Whole-home music systems. Music management. Streaming services for everyone.

Home Entertainment Systems: The Home Theatre & Media Room Experience.

Communications Systems: Whole-house intercom. Gate control.

Considerations for Designers & Architects
  • Add value & exceed expectations.
  • Differentiate your designs from the competition.
  • Position your firm as a total solutions provider.
  • Provide a superior technology solution.
  • Leverage the expertise of your integration.
  • Blend technology and design.
  • Turn your client’s vision into reality.
  • Retrofit opportunities; Systems such as wireless lighting and thermostats provide a great return on investment and are easy to implement.

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