About us

Welcome to Intechstone My name is Samir, founder, and I wanted to personally take the time to tell you more about us.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by mathematics, physics, and technology. After completing my Electrical Engineering degree, I set out to give my UK-based and international clients better electrical and home automation solutions. From small homes in Surrey to 52-storey international Four Seasons hotels, Intechstone has truly gone the distance, underpinned by a commitment to excellence in innovation.

I believe that Electrical Engineering is about more than just designing and installing wires. It’s about preparing for a better, simpler, safer, and more convenient future through the power of technology - enhancing the lives we already live and love.

What sets Intechstone apart is that we make our clients part of the process, ensuring the perfect outcome with minimal delays or miscommunication.

Why Intechstone?


Dual Service Excellence

Get expert advice and support with both electrics and home automation solutions under one roof, ensuring one point of contact, streamlined efficiency, and unbeatable prices.



We leave no stone unturned when surfacing fresh approaches to your unique domestic or commercial electrical challenges.


Inspired by trust

Our fully qualified team collaborates closely with our clients to ensure a smooth, seamless process - with support from industry veterans you can always count on.



You shouldn’t have to overspend on the high-end solutions you deserve.



Our track record speaks for itself, as does our obsession with professionalism and service excellence.


Qualified and Licensed

We are IEng-registed by the UK Engineering Council (UKEC), Registered Self-certification Part-P, and Certified Project Management Professional PMP.

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